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Bookbinding of your family history or special manuscript. If you're like many people, you love the feel of a book, along with the way it looks and significance it conveys. Wouldn't it be wonderful to share and preserve your family heritage or special manuscript in book form?  Now you can with our bookbinding service.

You've spent a long time researching your family history. Hundreds of names. Countless stories. Or perhaps you have a special manuscript such as your poetry or other writings. How will you hand it down?  And more importantly, how will you share it?  Bookbinding is a wonderful way to preserve your special words.

You prepare the manuscript - it's easy with many of today's genealogy programs and word processors - then have it hardbound with Your Family Legacy's bookbinding service in your choice of cover materials and colors. Using only acid-free materials, your family history book or special manuscript can be read for generations. Place it on your mantle, coffee table, or bookcase. Give a copy to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Or donate a copy to a local genealogy library. Our bookbinding process will create a hardbound book that will look beautiful, be appreciated by all who receive it, and last for generations.

Manuscripts are bound using book binding processes certified by the Library Binding Institute. Your family name or title of your choice will be imprinted in gold on the front, with a scroll bar underneath, and a fleur de lis design on the spine. A ribbon page marker is also included. Four bookbinding cover choices are available:
  • Buckram - highly durable, library-quality canvas. This material is coated with a layer of vinyl, meaning it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Linen - also known as book cloth. This cover offers a different look than buckram because it does not have a vinyl coating. Its look is somewhat more "old-fashioned".
  • Genuine leather
  • Bonded Leather - Genuine leather fibers are bonded together using an adhesive, such as latex, then finished to create a look similar to genuine leather.
with multiple color choices depending on cover material: Navy, black, blue, royal blue, brown, burgundy, forest green, and red.

Our customer's love us - I spent 2 1/2 years working on a book about my father's ancestors. Given that I devoted that much time, it became a very important project to me. I wanted the cover and binding to be top quality, the best, because I wrote the book with the intention of giving it to my father, who means the world to me, as a gift. I chose your book binding service and I just got the results back today. Simply put, I could not have been happier. It looks as good or better than I could have imagined. Its appearance is professional and its cover is strong, giving me the impression that the book might well be here a hundred years or more from now. I am proud of the book's contents and because it is bound so well and so attractively I will be even more proud when I hand it to my father. Thank you so much. James W. in OH.  (
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The steps for getting your manuscript bound are below, read them first, then 
visit the bookbinding catalog section for pricing and selection , but before you order, READ THE BOOKBINDING MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION page. Sorry, but we do not re-bind books, such as bibles or similar.

 Here are the steps to getting your manuscripts hardbound:

  1. Prepare your manuscripts using our book binding preparation instructions.  [For archival paper, click here]
  2. Once your manuscripts are ready, visit the bookbinding section of our web catalog to select your cover (material and color), quantity, and specify the title imprint.  (Note: One line of title imprint on the cover is included in the book price.  Additional lines may be purchased if desired.)  
  3. Complete the check-out process to place your order.  You will then receive an automatic order confirmation email.  Review it to make sure your bookbinding order is correct, but do NOT send your manuscripts yet.
  4. Once we receive your order, we will email you shipment instructions that includes the address to send your manuscripts.  This email is sent manually and usually follows the order confirmation email by a few hours, but not later than the end of the next business day.
  5. Box and ship your manuscripts to the address provided in the shipment instruction email.  Now your part is done!
  6. It will take about two to three weeks to bind your manuscripts after we receive them.
  7. When the bookbinding is done, the completed books are shipped back to you and a shipment notification email is sent.
  8. When you get your shipment, open it and Oooo and Ahhh over the books!

Thanks for using Your Family Legacy for your bookbinding order!

  Interested in learning more about bookbinding?  Visit the University of Iowa bookbinding tutorial .
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