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Heritage Scrapbook Albums - A New Perspective

When people hear the word heritage, they first think of the past - whether their personal past, in the form of genealogy; or the past of their culture, such as traditions.  When thinking of heritage, though, you should also think of the future.  After all, today is tomorrow's past - the heritage of our descendents is occurring now! 

To start, when you think of your ancestors, what would you like to know about their lives?  Once you get that thought in perspective, wouldn't it be nice to give your descendants that answer about you?  Present day heritage scrapbook albums make the perfect vehicle to preserve today's heritage, and they have unlimited creative design potential - from simple to elaborate.  Think of making them in two basic categories:

People Scrapbook Albums
Consider this as the genealogy of people nowadays - whether a child, parent, or grandparent.  We'd recommend you start with your life.  Who else can do it better than you?  Revisit that forward looking question posed earlier and create a heritage scrapbooking album for your descendants starting with the beginning of your life - your birth.  Do a page all about the day you were born.  Putting a copy of your birth certificate on the scrapbook page will provide the basic facts, like the time, doctor, and hospital.  But go beyond that to include the peripheral facts - those tidbits that add depth to a person's life.  What was the weather like that day?  What current events were in the news?  Who came to visit you at the hospital?  Maybe your parents or aunts and uncles can share their feelings about your birth or what they remember about that day, which you can journal on the scrapbook paper.

Move forward in time by creating additional scrapbook album pages for those moments in your life you want to share with your descendants.  Don't limit your pages to just the "e;big"e; moments either, like graduations or weddings, it's just as important to include pages about your everyday life.  What you might consider mundane in your life will be fascinating to people fifty years from now.  For example, use scrapbook paper that reflects your favorite color to create a "things I like to do page".  Or how about a page layout of your typical day in 2007?  Wouldn't your great grandchildren love to know these things about you?  You bet!

Create similar scrapbook albums for other people in your family.  This makes a great family project to do with your children, especially if you let them pick out the scrapbook stickers and papers to use.  Start one for each child and let them continue adding to it as they grow up.  And continue adding pages to all your people scrapbook albums as the years go by, this is real-time genealogy!

Event Scrapbook Albums
Event scrapbook albums are more broadly focused, that is, they are more about the moments of our lives rather then any one specific person.  This makes this type of heritage scrapbook album more culturally focused.  The possibilities are endless:

  • School Days Scrapbooking - Do an album each school year that includes all your children's special moments.
  • Holiday Scrapbooks- Do one album that has a page for every Christmas (or Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, etc.) that you share as a family.  What makes this scrapbook album so special is to see how the family grows and changes year-over-year.
  • Family Reunion Scrapbook Albums - If you have them, remember them.  A family reunion is a great opportunity to preserve your family's culture.
  • Personal Community Scrapbook - Think of community as all the places that are part of your daily life moments: your neighborhood, place of worship, doctor's office, shopping mall, work, beautician, and so forth.  A page for each location that includes a picture, listing of people you know there, what you like/dislike about it, why you go to that particular place, are all examples of what our descendants would like to know about our personal community.

Where appropriate, include facts about the events, such as where and when, who attended, food that was served, funny stories, and so forth.  When your descendants look at your scrapbook album pages, make them feel a part of these special moments.

Regardless of the type of album you make, always include thoughts and perspectives of the people or events.  It's this "e;personal"e; insight that people generations from now will really appreciate.

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