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Scrapbook AlbumsScrapbook albums are the storyboards of your life - each page captures a moment, thought, or image. Whether clippings and mementos of singular events, or colorful layouts of distinctive themes, the pages in your scrapbooking album are the windows into your memories.  So select an album that compliments your story.

Choosing a scrapbook album is much like selecting the house where your family lives.  It must be safe and sturdy to protect its valuable contents.  And like a house, it's also reflects the tastes of those who live inside.  The design of an album is chosen to compliment the memories housed between the covers.  You most likely wouldn't choose a navy leather design for scrapbooking a toddler's birthday party, for example.  However, this type of scrapbook album would nicely pay tribute to a family heritage story or commemorating a person's career.  So your scrapbook album is an important part in displaying and preserving your family heritage memories. 

First, you want your memories safe and protected, just like your other valuables.  Your will or testament might be in a safety deposit box, for example, to protect it from harm.  In a similar manner, the quality of your scrapbook albums will affect the longevity (safety) of the album and its contents.  All our scrapbook albums are acid and lignin free to ensure long term preservation of your memories (see our article on other factors that can influence the preservation of your scrapbook album)

Second, you want to showcase your memories - they are your family's pride!  So your choice of scrapbook album style and design will be integral to the theme you want convey and the type will be based on your intended use.  A leather post bound scrapbook album, for example, has a rich look and feel and makes a wonderful tribute album.  Whereas a children's theme scrapbook album can complement an important aspect of your child's life.

Our scrapbook albums fall into two basic types: post bound and three ring:

Post bound scrapbook albums allow adjacent pages to lie flat next to each other.  Page protectors are added and removed by removing two screws.  Capacity of postbound scrapbook albums is increased by adding extension posts to the screws (hence the name post bound).   So theoretically, capacity is unlimited, although too many will make this type of scrapbook album unwieldy.

Three ring scrapbook albums allow easy removal and addition of your scrapbook paper through the use of the rings (usually "D-rings").  Capacity is fixed based on ring size, but for many projects, a 3-ring scrapbook album will have plenty of room.

Visit our scrapbook albums and refills catalog section to choose an album that will display and preserve your memories for generations to come, then fill it with your memories using our scrapbook paper.  Or for more information, see:

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