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Scrapbook PaperChoosescrapbook paperthat creatively displays your family heritage memories - it is the foundation of your scrapbook page.  To say there are many choices ofscrapbook paperis an understatement!  The basic types of paper include (and are not limited to):

Cardstock scrapbook paper is heavy weight that can be used as a base page to build a layout, or for making decorative photo matsand die cuts.

Patterned scrapbook paper can also be used a base page for making a layout, or for accenting pictures, documents, stamps and the like.  Patterned paper style and color should be chosen to convey the theme of the album.  For example, there are heritage papers that have colors, styles, evenforms, that convey your family genealogy.

Vellum scrapbook paperhas a translucent appearance, creating a rich page layout.  Vellum is often placed over other paper, yielding a 3-D effect and distinctive look.

Whatever paper you choose, you want it to be acid free andligninfree to ensure long term preservation of your memories.  Keep your memories safe, just like your other valuables - put your scrapbook paper inside archival page protectors.  For example, your will might be in a safety deposit box, to protect it from harm.  In a similar manner, using archival scrapbook paper and page protectors will assist the longevity (safety) of yourscrapbook albumand its contents.   

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